State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe Defends His Comments

Butler County Republican State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, also House Committee Chairman, responded to criticisms after he told Montgomery County Democratic State Rep.

Matt Bradford not to touch him during a committee hearing on Tuesday, saying he’s heterosexual and has a wife who he loves very much and that if Bradford likes touching men there’s plenty on his side of the aisle he can touch. Bradford, who is married with four children, put his hand on Metcalfe’s arm to ask for more time to speak on a committee issue when Metcalfe erupted. Yesterday Metcalfe defended his position.

“You have a right, I have a right and every citizens has a right to their personal space. Somebody’s not allowed to touch you if you don’t want it and when you’ve told somebody to stop, they better stop or there could be consequences.”

But right any potential consequences are being directed at Metcalfe. Many, including Governor Wolf say Metcalfe’s comments Tuesday were anti-gay. Governor wolf is urging Republican House leaders to oust the Butler County Republican. Metcalf also said Wednesday it’s alright for gays to flaunt their life style and say who they are, but when someone says they’re heterosexual, it’s somehow offensive.