Women’s Center of Montgomery County Wins Barra Award

The Women’s Center of Montgomery County wins the Barra Award for 2018-19 for exemplary non profits in the greater Philadelphia region.

Women’s center of Montgomery County Executive Director Maria Macaluso says the award could not have come at a better time.

“We submitted the application by the beginning of September and the week after Thanksgiving I got the e-mail, November 30th saying hey we just wanted to know we’re going to announcing this so we wanted you know you got it. It was great. It was a day I really needed it. I was in Harrisburg and feeling a little discouraged about funding out there and all of the budget stuff going on and I got that and it just shot me over the top.”

The award comes with a 50,000 grant. Macaluso says, it will help the Women’s Center in a variety of ways, including housing women who need shelter from an abusive situation. Macaluso adds, the award gives the Women’s Center more freedom to use the grant money in a way that it believes will help women in need, unlike government funds that puts constraints on how money can be used. Macaluso says, one of the key ways the Women’s Center shelters abused women at the last minute is putting them up at a hotel, which is not permitted through government funds.