Pa. House Votes in Favor of a Strict Anti-Abortion Bill.

Extended heated debate Tuesday looked at a piece of the measure banning abortions after 20 weeks, and if a fetus can survive at that point.

Tioga County State Rep. Matt Baker believes in the survivability of the fetus.

“The viability is the measure of when the state can intervene to prevent an elective abortion and medical advances show us that an unborn child is viable at 21 weeks.

Montgomery County State Rep. Madeline Dean spoke about a woman and how her doctors did not notice an abnormality until the 20 week point.

“And she said has is it you would criminalize the team of compassionate professionals, you’d make felons of the doctors who cared for me and my family.”

In addition to the 20 week ban, the measure also prohibits the most common late term abortion procedure. Governor Wolf addressed the bill, saying it fails on several fronts.

“This legislation is an attempt to criminalize decisions that women make about their own healthcare and this legislation destroys healthcare options even those who are victims of the horrors of rape and incest.

Governor Wolf says he will veto the bill.