No Tax Hike in Towamencin Township

The Towamencin Supervisors have approved a budget for next year. The spending plan totals more than 21 1/2 million dollars across all funds and does not call for a property tax increase.

The budget also continues the homestead exemption, which allows homeowners to shield 45,000 of the assessed value of their home from taxation. Township supervisor Dan Littley says this budget is a good one for the taxpayers.

“We haven’t has a tax increase, a real tax increase in this Township in eight years. We’ve only had two over 14 years, so I think we’ve done well as custodians of the peoples money and over the 14 years there’s a lot of price increases. Go look at gas, the tax on gas and what we get for it.”

The budget also includes funding for the annual road repaving program as well as planning and construction of basketball facilities at a Township park.