Governor Calls on State Senator Daylin Leach to Resign

He’s known as the liberal lion in state politics, but today State Senator Daylin Leach faces a far less flattering moniker.

He’s accused of alleged inappropriate touching of women. Leach is also accused of offensive sexual comments. The allegations, part of a report in both the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily news, is being supported by eight women and three men who say Leach touched female campaign staff members and tried to engage them in conversations about sex. One of the more potentially damaging allegations in the articles comes from Matt Goldfine, Leach’s Field Director during the 2008 campaign. Goldfine says Leach would tickle and excessively hug female interns and also spoke about having a list of famous women he would like to be intimate with. Leach, in denying the allegations, says it’s part of a campaign to support and elevate another Democratic candidate in the congressional primary. Governor Wolf has called on Leach to resign. In addition to the Governor’s comments, the Chairman of the Delaware County Democratic party, David Landau called Leach a tireless worker for progressive causes, but urged him to immediately suspend his congressional campaign.