Pa. House Democrats Have Settled Sex Harassment Cases

In the wake of allegations that local Sate Senator Daylin Leach allegedly sexually harassed female interns and used sexual language, newspapers at both ends of Pennsylvania report that State House Democrats paid out settlement money in connection with cases of sexual harassment.

According to articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, State House Democrats paid more than 277,000 dollars between 2013 and 2015 to settle sexual harassment cases involving Berks County State Rep. Thomas Caltagirone and former State Rep. Jewell Williams, who is now the Sheriff in Philadelphia. Governor Wolf is calling on elected officials who face numerous allegations of sexual harassment to resign. Wolf has called on State Senator Daylin Leach to resign from the State Senate. Leach has not resigned his State Senate post, but has stepped back from the day to day operations of his Congressional campaign. There’s still no word if he plans to completely suspend the campaign or continue on with his efforts in that political arena at later date.