Budget Controversy Brews in Lansdale.

Borough Council Wednesday night approved a spending plan for 2018 that raises property taxes by 22-percent but after citing other double digit increases in recent years, Mayor Andy Szekely threatened to withhold his signature from it.

A Mayoral veto would setup a special meeting of Borough Council on New Year’s Eve to give council the opportunity to override the veto. Council Vice President Mary Fuller voted yes on the budget and said Council did its due diligence.

“I don’t think there’s an alternative. I think we did a fair job at looking at the budget, looking at our expenses. We promises the last tax increase would last three years and we held to that, despite the fact that we thought last year maybe a smaller increase would have been the smart move.”

The vote to approve the budget was unanimous with Council Members Jack Hansen and Rich DiGregorio absent from the meeting.