DePasquale: Tax Dollars Should Not Pay Sex Harassment Cases

Pa. State Auditor General, Eugene DiPasquale weighed in on the issue of elected officials being publicly bailed out in sexual harassment cases.

Two recent cases came to light from newspaper articles involving Berks County State Rep. Tom Caltigirone and former State Rep. Jewell Williams.

“The idea of using taxpayer dollars to settle these claims to, in a sense, protect these elected officials is just mind boggling and has to come to an end.”

Depasquale supports Governor Wolf’s call to the change the process of sexual harassment payouts, but there’s no plan in place right now. The Governor has called on Caltigirone to resign. He’s also called on State Senator Daylin Leach to resign over sexual harassment allegations. Both lawmakers refuse to resign. Depasquale says he’s not authorized to audit the Pa. Legislature but would welcome a change to take on the quest.