Lansdale Names Its Business of The Month For December.

It’s Cardinal Camera on West 2nd street.

Three generations of the Seelig family have managed the business since it opened 80-years ago. Kurt Seelig came on board during the 1990s. Borough Economic Development Committee member Bruce Schwartz told Borough Council earlier this week that it was Kurt Seelig that brought Cardinal Camera into the 21st century.

“Kurt shifted the focus to digital and tracked the move to smart phones and tablets, offering both professional printing services and kiosks and digital transfer services for old home movies. They survived when other photo chains did not, I think Ritz and Viking and even Photomat and Codak.”

Ever wonder how cardinal camera got its name? It came from second generation owner George K. Seelig after he expanded the store during the 1960s. He rechristened the store Cardinal Camera because he liked the color red.