Toth: Deregulation Helped Move the Economy

In looking back over the last year, deregulation allowed the market to grow in 2017, according to George Toth, host of the WNPV Show, Regarding Your Money.

Toth says multiple sectors benefited in 2017.

“Certainly the tech sector did well.  Healthcare less so. Technology just blew the cover off the ball. There’s giveback in the last month or so and that has to do with the sophistication of rising rates and they’re negatively correlated. So technology, financials, industrials and healthcare picked up at the end of the year. Well-selected real estate investment trusts did well, but I think the biggest thing moving forward in 2018 is tax reform is going to change the landscape.”

Toth, a guest Tuesday’s Comment Please By Univest on WNPV says the Tax Foundation predicts the new tax bill will lead to a 4.7 percent growth in the GDP. George Toth can be heard every Tuesday morning at 11:10 with Regarding Your Money and every Saturday morning at 9:10 with Chestnut Investment Attitudes.