Transportation System Could Sway Amazon to Choose Pa.

Amazon is expected to make a decision in January concerning where it will locate its second headquarters in North America.

PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards recently testified in front a State House Transportation Committee about the use of PennDOT funds. Richards says, based on information she received, the state’s transit system could play a role in landing Amazon’s new North American headquarters in three locations in the Commonwealth.

“In the Philadelphia, the Pittsburgh argument as well as the Lehigh Valley argument, I thought all three were all very strong. There were other arguments being made as well and transit is a huge part of it. I did speak to my counterpart in Washington State. When I asked him what is working in Seattle, because we wanted to see what did they like there and what don’t they like there and the transportation system was very high.”

If Amazon decides to plant its flag in one of the three Pa. locations for its North American headquarters, an estimated 50,000 jobs will be available in the Commonwealth.