Health Department Sends Out Warning About Cold Temperatures

Current frigid temperatures are here to stay through next week.

The Medical Director of the Montgomery Health Department, Dr. Richard Lorraine says, if you work outdoors or are outside too long, pay attention to the signs of potential frostbite.

“Significant pain is the first sign there’s been a decrease of blood flow to peripheral areas, followed shortly by numbness, a bad warning sign. Once it gets to that point, it’s likely that tissue damage has begun to occur. Frostbite can vary, it can be minimal and sort of the equivalent of a small burn on a finger or it can be so severe to the point where you have complete de-vitalization of a hand or a foot.”

Dr. Lorraine advises to dress in layers and he says the idea of drinking alcohol as a warming technique will lead to the opposite, which will cause an increase of heat loss in the body. Other symptoms that the cold is impacting your health include dizziness and confusion.