PennDOT Sec. Concerned About Drop in Turnpike Usage

There’s varying opinions about the volume on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The reality is that more and more drivers are opting for alternative routes and it’s a fact that’s not lost on PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards.

“We are not seeing the declining ridership in our neighboring turnpikes. Ohio, New Jersey, New York, all of their paid turnpikes as well as other thruways are seeing increases. So why in Pennsylvania are we not seeing those same increases.”

Richards is in a difficult position on the issue. State Act 44 mandates that the Pa. Turnpike Commission pay PennDOT an annual allocation of 450 million dollars for transit agencies in Pa. Drivers will pay a six percent increase to the use the Pa. Turnpike starting January 7th. The Pa. Turnpike Commission will meet again in July to determine the next toll hike for 2019.