Szekely’s Final Words to Council Critical of a Project

Lansdale Mayor Andy Szekely has ridden off into the sunset but not without having a final word about some of the construction projects that he raised the red flag about during his tenure.

During a special meeting that was called on the morning of New Year’s Eve to override his veto of the 2018 Borough budget, Szekely once again criticized the process that has moved the Madison Parking Lot Redevelopment Along.

“There were certain special exceptions made to Equis in order to keep them on the hook here in Lansdale. Perhaps not necessarily good business decisions, but the project is moving forward. Unfortunately some of the things they promised to the Borough, the resident is now going to have to pay for.”

That includes the skate park that will be built at Fourth Street Park. Szekely will be replaced by Democrat Garry Herbert. He beat Szekely in the election almost two months ago. Herbert will take the oath of office Tuesday evening during the Borough Council Reorganization Meeting.