Lansdale’s New Mayor Sworn-in During Reorganization Meeting

As required by State law, Boroughs and Townships across Pennsylvania held reorganization meetings Tuesday night to seat the winners of the November election and chose leaders for the next year.

In Lansdale, five incumbent members of Borough Council, a new tax collector and a new Mayor were sworn-in. Garry Herbert says there’s no need to call him your honor.

“Mayor Garry or Mayor Herbert either one is fine by me. I think of myself as a common person, I’m not all int0 formality.”

Council Member Denton Burnell was unanimously reelected President. He says Council needs to be more effective when it comes to communicating about the Borough budget.

“We’ve got to do a better job of engaging people and helping them understand why we’re making the decision we are, plus we need new ways to find revenue, we can’t keep raising taxes.”

Among the others taking the oath of office were tax collector James Hanratty and incumbent Borough Council Members Leon Angelichio, Carrie Hawkins Charlton, Mary Fuller, Jason Van Dame and Tom Work. Fuller was reelected Council Vice President.