State’s Budget Process Subject of Lawsuit

A lawsuit filed by President & CEO of Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Inc. Matt Brouillette was the subject of conversation Tuesday on the WNPV Program Regarding Your Money with George Toth.

Brouilette filed the suit to get the court to order Governor Wolf and elected officials to follow the State Constitution when putting together a State Budget. He says borrowing and over taxation has to stop.

“This is not violating the Constitution, but when the do that it spurs really bad policy making ideas. When you have to have a made scramble to find cash to pay for your overspending, the end up pursuing really bad tax policy ideas and they hurt good people in that process and that’s why we filed a lawsuit last September.”

Broulette says efforts by the Governor, Legislature, Treasurer and Auditor General to stop the lawsuit from moving forward have failed. A Judge recently ruled that the lawsuit can proceed.