Towamencin Takes Up Issue of Wireless Facilities

The Towamencin Supervisors have approved a resolution putting them on record opposing proposed State Legislation that would take away the zoning authority municipalities currently have over wireless facilities in a public right of way.

The sponsors of House Bill 1620 want to speed up the approval process for cellular infrastructure in those parts of the state under served by wireless. Township Manager Rob Ford says Towamencin Officials updated their zoning ordinance just three years ago with regulations that go beyond height restrictions and setbacks on cellular facilities.

“If we have them in the right of way they have to pay franchise fees, they have to be landscaped. They would have to go a land process or get a waver. In other words, they would submit something and staff would make recommendations whether or not to require a full development process for that site.”

The sponsors of the legislation include Montgomery County State Representative Tom Murt. The bill is currently in the consumer affairs committee.