New Book Released on MLK Assassination

James L. Swanson has authored a new book on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Chasing King’s Killer centers on the man he pulled the trigger, James Earl Ray.

Swanson was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Monday morning.

“There’s dozens of pieces of physical evidence. It was James Earl Ray that stepped in the bathroom of that boarding room across from the Lorraine Motel and fired that shot.

Swanson adds, Ray’s movement can be tracked with an abundance of evidence.

“The purchase of the rifle, the purchase of the binoculars, the purchase of the car, the stays at the motel. One thing that was found that Ray had abandoned at the murder scene was a radio engraved with a serial number that was in his possession when he was in prison in Missouri for committing a prior crime.”

Swanson adds, no one immediately came around to where the shot was fired, which allowed Ray to easily flee that part of Memphis.