Bannon: Scammers Will Be Selling Bogus Eagles Tickets

The NFC Championship game this Sunday featuring the Eagles and Vikings at Lincoln Financial Field will see ticket prices spike, especially from individuals and businesses that have available tickets for sale.

While tickets go on sale Tuesday, Bucks County’s Consumer Champ, Mike Bannon says, reel in your excitement and try to have clear thinking before laying down your cash.

“Unfortunately with these big games, which is great that it’s happening, we know that counterfeit tickets become a problem. For example, last year at the Super Bowl there was many scams that happened and people lost money. I expect more people will fall prey to ticket scams.”

Bannon, Director of The Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection, says scammers are everywhere on days like this trying to rip people off. Bannon, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Tuesday adds, scammers set up bogus websites and try to sell counterfeit tickets or you can also find them on the street attempting to sell fake tickets.