Steele Hopes Phenotyping Will Help Catch Rapist

Law enforcement officials in Montgomery County are thinking outside the box to catch a rapist.

Yesterday they released a composite illustration of the suspect in the sexual assault of a 19-year-old woman at the Norristown Farm Park last August. District Attorney Kevin Steele says the image was generated from DNA the suspect left behind at the crime scene.

“It’s an approximation using a new relatively new process called phenotyping. This composite illustration done by Parabon Nanolabs, which plotted his ancestry using the DNA and then predicted physical appearance fro the DNA evidence using trait predictions for the subject’s eye, skin and hair color, freckling or lack there of and face shape.”

The composite illustration can be viewed on the web page of the district attorney at A 10,000 award is still available for information that brings an arrest and conviction in the case.