Castor: Likely Prosecutor in Frat Case Good at Her Job

Former Montgomery County. D.A. and County Commissioner Bruce Castor who investigated the death of Timothy Piazza in a Penn State frat house over excessive drinking was a Special Assistant D.A. in Centre County under Former D.A. Stacey Parks Miller.

Castor says new D.A. Bernie Cantorna will not take on the case citing a conflict of interest and because of that matter the Attorney General’s office will prosecute the case.

“If I were the Piazza family I wouldn’t have any reservations about the new prosecutor. When I was the Interim Attorney General I worked with Laura Ditka and she is very good at her job.”

Castor, a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Wednesday believes the frat members at the Penn State fraternity that failed to help Timothy Piazza were negligent, but he adds, even if the prosecution convinces a jury that the frat members are guilty of letting Piazza die and were responsible for his death, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be sentenced to a prison term.