Quick Response is Key When Pipes Break Due to Cold Temps

Cold temperatures combining with winds have made this winter one of the colder winter seasons over the last several years. The extreme weather has had an impact on pipes in the North Penn Water Authority system. It was the topic of discussion on WNPV’s Transportation Edition of Comment Please By Univest Thursday afternoon.

Executive Director of the North Penn Water Authority Tony Bellitto says, there have been water main breaks in the Authority’s system this winter, but quick response was key.

“We’ve got a great crew of staff that is available 24/7 for emergency response, so whenever there is a main break we’ll know about it right away. Even if it’s after hours, three in the morning, Saturday afternoon, we get people to respond just like the fire department, when that bell rings they are there.”

Bellitto adds, cast iron pipes are still in the system. He says, those pipes are the most vulnerable, many are more than 50 years old.