Bucks County Flu Cases Higher Than Normal

Flu season in Bucks County has been moderate to severe, according Dr. David Dampsker, Director of the Bucks County Health department.

Dr. Dampsker says, as of last week, 703 cases of flu were confirmed in Bucks County. Dr. Dampsker says that number is likely higher because some people treat themselves at home.

“I want people to be concerned, but not scared or terrified in any way because do have a peak every single year and while this peak may be a little higher than normal, there is death and mortality and morbidity from the flu every single year.So the best way to avoid the flu is getting the flu shjot and if you’re not feeling well, don’t go to work or school, because as we know, the flu is easily transmitted from one person to another through a cough or sneeze ”

Dr. Dampsker adds, if you have a fever of 102 or higher, along with trouble eating and drinking, accompanied by shortness of breathe, it’s time to go to the hospital or to see your doctor. Dr. Dampsker says, there has been one fatality in Bucks County so far this flu season. He says it was an elderly individual who already had a compromised immune system due to another illness.