Truth Revealed in Text Messages Over Sex Abuse of Girl

A Telford man could face a lengthy prison term when he’s sentenced at a later date after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a girl when she between the ages of 11 and 14.

An investigation started in 2016 showing that 43 year old Sopha Dok of North 3rd street was a friend of the girl’s family. According to court records, Dok, who was with the girl alone numerous times, threatened the girl harm would come to her family if she every told her mother about the sex assaults. The victim, now 21 years old, ultimately told her mother how Dok sexually abused her over several years. The victim testified that she became pregnant as a result of the sex abuse and had an abortion. A defense attorney for Dok accused the victim of not telling the truth, but text messages that Dok sent the victim told a much different story. One text message urged the victim to tell her mother he didn’t do anything wrong, another text offered an apology, saying he lived with the guilt for a long time. Dok could face a prison term of 35 to 70 years.