Montco. GOP Announces Endorsements

Former Lansdale Mayor Andy Szekely is the endorsed Republican candidate in the 53rd Legislative District, the seat held by State Rep. Bob Godshall for the past 35 years.Godshall is retiring in November.

Szekely received the endorsement of the Montgomery County Republican Committee Thursday night. He says the lessons learned during his nine years as Mayor can be applied at the state level.

“Spending we should not have done on the Arts Center. The spending where we could have saved money on Borough Hall. Working with the Police Department to shut down the problematic bars. So just taking that experience from Lansdale and hopefully translating it into some success in Harrisburg.”

Szekely won the endorsement in a three way race with Souderton Area School Board members Scott Jelinski and Nick Braccio. In another contested race, State Rep. Todd Stephens got the party nod over former Montgomery County Controller Stewart Greenleaf Jr. for State Senate in the 12th district. Stephens says his appeal crosses party lines.

“The district in which I run has a well educated electorate, they split their ticket pretty regularly. They pick and choose, they’re not just a straight party voting district. They do their homework, they identify the best candidate for them and I’ve been fortunate enough to earn their support over the last 8 years.”

The Republican Committee tabled making an endorsement to replace Stephens in the 151st district. Other candidates getting the backing of the Montgomery County GOP included State Senator John Rafferty and State Rep. Kate Harper.