Philadelphia Will Honor Eagles with Parade Thursday

The City of Philadelphia has announced that a parade for Super Bowl 52 Champions, The Philadelphia Eagles will be held Thursday at around 11am, starting at Broad and Pattison and heading to the Art Museum. The Mayor’s Office is expected to release more parade details Tuesday at 9am.

The Eagles staged a winning drive at the end of the 4th quarter Sunday night in Minneapolis to win the Super Bowl 41-33 over the Patriots. Ed Kratz is with Eagles Wire at USA Today. He says, this team will always be remembered for they’ve done for Eagles fans.

“This will go down forever, I mean this will be a believed team forever, kind of like every team that’s won the title in Philadelphia. Phillies on 08’, look at the Flyers in the 70’s many still live in the area, they’re revered and I think that’s what this team will be over the rest of their lives and rest of our lives.”

Kratz, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition, covered the Super Bowl Sunday night. He credits coach Doug Peterson and quarterback Nick Foles for play-calling and carrying out the plays.