Governor Wolf Again Calls For Shale Tax in Budget Address

Governor Wolf proposed a nearly 33 billion dollar spending plan for 2018-19 in his budget address Tuesday.

It’s a boost of one billion dollars compared to his previous budget with no broad based tax increases. Wolf urged lawmakers to put Pennsylvania on the same playing field as every other state in the nation by passing a severance tax on gas drillers

“Let’s understand what exactly a severance tax is. It’s a tax paid mostly by people outside of Pennsylvania that use our natural resources and by failing to put in place this common sense tax, we’re actually just paying the other states taxes.”

Wolf says more funding is needed for education because he says companies invest in state’s that promote education. The higher spending would go toward several areas including, public schools, skills training, pension costs, social services for child, the elderly and the disabled. The Governor is also supporting legislation that will increase the minimum wage in Pennsylvania from 7.25 an hour to 12 dollars an hour.