Low Volatility Expected to Return to Financial Markets

After the DOW plunged Monday what’s next for the markets. Paul Hoffmeister is with Camelot Portfolios.

Hoffmeister was a guest on the WNPV Program Regarding Your Money Tuesday morning with George Toth.

“I do think we can return to a period of low volatility. The reason I say that is because if you look at the period between the summer of 2003 through 2006 you had this multiyear period where volatility was fairly low and that was also the period of the May 2003 tax cuts and we had the Federal Reserve that was raising interest rates at a measured pace, so we have that analogy here today .”

George Toth’s interview with Paul Hoffmeister can be heard again this Saturday morning at 9:10 on Chestnut Investment Attitudes or at WNPV1440.COM