NP School Board Approves Preliminary Budget

It’s a preliminary spending plan for next year that totals almost 261-million dollars and includes a property tax increase of just over 5.6 percent.

District Director of Business Administration Steve Skrocki says that number won’t stick.

“It’s built in but we know that the Board can’t go that high in terms of the increase because we’re limited to the Act One increase plus for any exceptions which they may apply. So the 5.61 is just really to submit to the Department of Education to show that exceptions may be needed to balance the budget.”

With exceptions, the maximum property tax increase would come in at just 3.4 percent, which translates into about 125 dollars for the average homeowner. District officials emphasize that in applying for the exceptions they are just keeping their options open and at this point, no decision has been made to go above the 2.4 percent Act One Index that serves as a ceiling on the increase.