Local Eagles Fans Enjoy Super Bowl Victory Parade

It was a tired but happy army of Eagles fans that made their way back to the Lansdale Train Station Thursday night after spending their day at the Super Bowl victory parade in Philadelphia.

Unofficial estimates peg the crowd size at about three million. Blue bell resident Sarah Campbell skipped class at Wissahickon High School to be part of the big event.

“It was a really good experience, a once in a lifetime thing, so I felt like you had to go.”

Lansdale resident Shana Gary was perched near Eakins Oval and saw lots of people trying to shove their way toward the art museum steps.

“For the most part I would say everybody was really great, everybody understood we were down there to party. There was some rude people that probably don’t spend enough time in the city or around large crowds, but it was a good time.”

Gary and her friends took a Septa train from Lansdale into Philadelphia, but decided to take the Norristown Line out of the city and catch a ride with Uber back to Lansdale from Norristown because there were hundreds waiting to board the Lansdale train at Jefferson Station in Philadelphia.