Madonna: Governor Wolf’s Budget Well Received

State lawmakers are now tasked with analyzing the nearly 33 billion dollar budget crafted by the Wolf Aministration.

F&M College Pollster, Dr. Terry Madonna says, the Governor’s 4th budget address was well received.

“It was nice to see them listening and watching respectfully and without the combative nature that often find in comments afterwards by Republicans. They’re not going to agree on everything, obviously, but overall I like the tenor of it.”

Madonna says, the Governor is likely to get some resistance from Republicans on the extra billion dollars he’s asking for in the budget compared to last year’s spending plan. But the governor, during his address, mentioned several times the need for a tax on gas drillers. He urged and challenged lawmakers to pass a bill on a shale tax, saying it’s fair and would bring much needed funding to the commonwealth. Pa. is the only state that does not tax gas drillers.