Potholes in Bucks and Montco, Worst in Several Years

While there hasn’t been substantial snowfall this winter, it’s the worst pothole season since 2015.

PennDOT’s Brad Rudolph says there are several reasons for the large number of potholes.

“One of the reasons in the back and forth of the freeze thaw cycle and in between you have moisture and precipitation which absorbs into the pavement, it freezes and expands, it melts and there’s cracks and then when traffic rides on it, it breaks through. We’ve also had a heavy amount of rain that has contributed to the problem.”

Rudolph adds, crews are out in Bucks and Montgomery counties working as fast as they can to fill the annoying threats to tires and rims. If you see a pothole you can call 1-800-fix-road or submit the location online at penndot.gov