1965 Abington High School Graduate Gives School 25 Million

Abington High School officials may feel like they hit the lottery.

A 1965 graduate of Abington High School made a donation of 25 million dollar to his high school alma mater. According to records, it’s the largest donation ever to a public high school. Stephen Schwarzman starred on the track team and student council when he walked the halls of Abington High School in the 1960’s. Schwarzman, who became a success on Wall Street following his college years, is the CEO of Blackstone. Schwarzman’s gift is not the first he made to the school. In 2005 he made a donation of 400,000. The Abington High School football stadium is named after Schwarzman. The 25 million dollar gift, according to school officials, will be used to develop a science and technology center and to renovate the school.