Students Urged to Report Threats in Wake of Fla. Shooting

Two local school district superintendents are weighing in on the heartbreak and sorrow following the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Souderton Area School District Superintendent Frank Gallagher says prayers and thoughts go out to the people of Parkland.

“The community in Florida appears to be similar to our communities in Souderton and North Penn. A tragedy like just reminds us of vulnerable we all are. We always remind our students to tell someone at the school if they ever see something on social media that’s threatening, particularly if it’s a student”

Gallagher believes schools need more financial support on the issues of school safety from the State and Federal government. North Penn School District Superintendent, Dr. curt Dietrich says district staff closely monitor social media.

We have our ear to the ground as best that we’re able, but that said it doesn’t necessarily mean all students will say something to us.”

Dietrich says, a key issue is mental health and he believes more focus should be given to students who display obvious behavior that would call for immediate and extended intervention.