Bucks County Reports Decline in Homelessness

Fewer people are homeless in Bucks County after the County’s recent Point in Time Count.

Bucks County’s Director of Human Services, Jon Rubin says in January 397 people were living in shelters, transitional housing or on the streets, compared to 511 counted at the same time in 2017.

“Progress is really about moving people from some our traditional housing programs, which are longer programs to what we would call raid re-housing and it allows them to have leases in their name and they get to take responsibility of their own lease earlier.”

Rubin says homelessness in the County is often a result of addiction, but in some cases, loss of a job or overall financial problems have left county residents vulnerable to homelessness. Bucks County residents can call 800-810-4434 for more information on the services the county offers.