Borick: It Will Take Time To Adjust To Redistricting Map

The new congressional redistricting map released by the State Supreme Court late Monday will bring changes to districts.

Muhlenberg College Pollster Dr. Chris Borick says the map is geographically centered.

“If you look at the old map, the contorted 6th and 7th districts that really make no sense other than to try and support partisan interests. This new map is geographically centered. Montgomery County, more or less, has its own district as does Bucks and Philadelphia with two districts centered in the city. The same goes for the western suburbs, Chester and Delaware Counties.”

Dr. Borick, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Tuesday morning says, it would make sense for the primary to be changed from May 15th to June 15th to allow for voters and candidates to adjust to the changes. Republicans in the State Legislature say they will take the issue to Federal Court. Republicans say the State Supreme Court does not have the constitutional right to create its own map. While Democrats accuse Republicans of creating a gerrymandered map for years, Republicans are now accusing the State Supreme Court of Judicial-mandering. Under the new map, Montgomery County will almost entirely be in the 4th district and part of Lansdale will be in the 1st district, which now covers all of Bucks County.