Local Pastor Remembers Spending Time with Billy Graham

Remembering Billy Graham, who passed away at the age of 99 at his home in North Carolina.

It’s a passing that hits close to home for JR Damiani, Head Pastor of the Family Worship Center in Lansdale. Pastor Damiani recalls working at an event for the National Religious Broadcasters Association in 1989.

“I was assigned to Billy Graham and spent, I would say, two hours with him between events and sitting down and talking while we were waiting to go on and I had some great conversations with the man. Just phenomenal, everything about him is exactly what you saw, a loving Godly guy.”

Damiani adds, Billy Graham never got pulled into criticizing other Christian denominations or other world religions and that he says, is another reason Mr. Graham was loved and respected throughout the nation and around the world. The Family Worship center airs The Good News Break every Sunday at 8am on WNPV Radio 98.5 FM, AM1440 and WNPV1440.COM.