Leach Will Not Run For Congress

State Senator Daylin Leach has officially ends his campaign for Congress.

Leach released information before the end of 2017 that he was taking a break from the campaign after allegations, supported by eight women and three men, that he touched female campaign staff members and tried to engage them in conversations about sex. One of the more potentially damaging allegations came from a member of Leach’s concerning the 2008 campaign. Leach allegedly would tickle and excessively hug female interns and also spoke about having a list of famous women he would like to be intimate with. Leach apologized for making anyone feel uncomfortable due to his actions. Leach also said that he could not stand for attacks on his family, which he did not specify. Leach said a run for Congress and the sacrifices to his family are not worth it. Leach says he will continue to serve in the state senate.