Montgomery County Buying New Voting Machines

Montgomery County will be buying new voting machines in the months ahead and it held an open house at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell on Saturday to let voters kick the tires on ten different types of machines that are in the running for the purchase.

All of them leave a paper trail as required by the state. Lansdale resident al Rieck liked what he saw.

“I think the County would be well served no matter which one of these things that they took and I think it would go a long way toward assuring the average voter that their vote has been counted correctly.”

Clear Ballot Group of Boston was one of the exhibitors. Sales engineer Keir Holeman says their machines are smart enough to alert voters when something doesn’t quite look right.

“That’s called second chance voting, so it alerts them to mistakes that they may want to correct before they actually cast their ballot.”

Each of the seven vendors at the open house say their machines are secure and can’t be hacked.