IRS Scam Continues with New Twist

The IRS scam over the last several years would attempt to dupe consumers through threats by way of a phone call.

Very often the caller will tell the person they owe money and they will go to jail if they don’t send money. The latest IRS scam that’s moving across the nation, according to the Director of the Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection Mike Bannon is a scam that leaves people stunned when they discover that 20,000 has been sent to their account.

“They fraudulently file tax returns and they get the money and deposit in an account, then they contact that person whose information they hacked and say they’re with the IRS and they mistakenly sent money to your account and you have to send it to them.”

Bannon adds, if you discover a large amount of money in your account be sure to speak with a bank representative to get the funds sent back to the IRS. Bannon says, if anyone has questions about the scam or other consumer related questions, they can call his office at 215-348-6060