Lansdale Moves Forward with New Voices in Top Positions

With its slogan “Life in Motion”, Lansdale continues to move forward through election and promotion.

It was the subject of discussion Tuesday afternoon on Comment Please By Univest. Mayor Gary Herbert, who was elected in November, wants Lansdale resident to know he will be available.

“I’ve instituted regular office hours for the Mayor. I’m there every Tuesday from 9 to 5. I think important to have an access point for the public.”

Mayor Herbert is also in his office Saturday’s 9 to noon
John Ernst was promoted from Assistant Borough Manager to Borough Manager. Ernst works closely with Borough Council and he wants the citizens of Lansdale to know something.

“We are involved in the activities, we are involved with the people, the neighborhoods. Myself, I know Gary and Mike go to all the events, we’re always visible. What I would like to think is every one of us on Borough staff are approachable. Somebody can walk up to us and have a question and we may not be able to answer at that time, but we’ll get back to them.”

Mike Trial, who began his career wearing the Lansdale badge in 2002, was recently elevated from Acting Chief of Police to Chief of Police. One of Trail’s top priorities is to add new officers to the department.

“We are currently in the process with the Civil Service Commission in the Borough to have a test for Police officer positions and that test is going to be on March 17th at North Penn High School.”

Trail, Ernst and Herbert were guests on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest from Univest Insurance Headquarters in Lansdale Tuesday afternoon.