Shuttle Service in Montco. Continues to Help Veterans

The Montgomery County Veterans Affairs Office continues to remind veterans about a shuttle service free of charge.

The service takes veterans to and from the V.A. for a checkup from their doctor. Director Sean Halbom says in 2017 shuttle made a difference for veterans in Montgomery County.

“We transported 488 veterans to doctors appointments in 2017 and it’s growing in every considerable, measurable metric that we can come up with. We’re hoping to move between 700 to 800 veterans to appointments in 2018.”

Halbom, a guest on WNPV’s Bucks Mont Business Journal Monday says, the shuttle program for vets started 3 ½ years ago. Halbom adds, all veterans who want to use the shuttle service must be enrolled in the V.A. Healthcare System. Veterans who are interested in using the shuttle service can call 610-278-3285.