Assistant D.A. Calls Abuse Case Worst in Montco. History

A Lower Providence man who turned his home into a house of horrors with his wife and two children the targets was sentenced in Montgomery County Court Tuesday 20 to 40 years in prison.

45-year-old Joseph Myhre entered a guilty plea for years of torturing his wife, 13 year old son and 11 year old daughter. The abuse, according to court records, happened and went undetected for several years at the family’s Greene’s Way Circle home. The severe abuse often included forcing his children to wear dog collars that were hooked up to an electrical remote control where he shocked them and made them sleep in wooden boxes. Myhre often physically assaulted his wife. The children also told investigators that Myhre would put needles under their fingertips. Myhre’s reign of terrorizing and abusing his wife and family came to an end on March 15th of last year when his wife drove herself to Einstein Medical Center in Montgomery County to be treated for a fractured skull, a result of Myhre’s physical abuse of his wife. Montgomery County Assistant D.A. Alexandria MacMaster called it one of the worst cases of abuse in Montgomery County history.