Montco. Moving Forward Internally and with Infrastructure

Reorganization within Montgomery County government and upgrading county roads and bridges continue to be a priority for the County Commissioners.

Commissioner Chair Val Arkoosh says, while changes are always a work in progress, consolidating departments has been carried out with success.

“Veterans, Aging and Adult, the Health Department, Children and Youth, Drug and Alcohol, Behavioral Health, all those services under one umbrella. In office organization, like ordering supplies and HR functions have all been consolidated. Staff has been working together on community projects.”

Arkoosh says, it’s brought a new positive outlook in terms of communication. Commissioner Vice Chair, Ken Lawrence says in 2012 there were 62 bridges with structural flaws.

“Since then we’ve completed 18 of those bridges and I think we have about 36 projects on the way. There’s no Democratic or Republican way to fix a bridge, you just have to make the investment so people can get to work and children can get to school.”

Lawrence and Arkoosh were guests Friday afternoon on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest.