New App Available to Assist Homeless in Montgomery County

Montgomery County officials have launched Donafy, a mobile telephone app that helps the homeless as well as the agencies that serve them. Those without shelter, but with cell phone access can use it to find the resources to get themselves off the street.

Donafy can also be used to donate to social service agencies through pay pal. App co-creator Nikki Johnson-Huston says anyone concerned can summon help for the homeless through Donafy.

“You can tap on the button, it will tell you would like to notify an outreach team and if there’s an emergency, dial 911. If you dial “yes” here in Montgomery County, 211 will come up and you will be directed to the resources that you need.”

Montgomery County Commissioner Chair Val Arkoosh likes the donate feature.

“We all know that so many of our community based services are non-profits. They struggle mightily everyday to have the funds that they need to provide help to as many of our community members as possible.”

Donafy is available for free download at the app store and Google play.