Gun Control Discussion in North Wales

With the nationwide school walkout as a backdrop, there was a panel discussion in North Wales Wednesday about getting gun violence under control.

The participants included two Democratic candidates for Congress as well as two Montgomery County Commissioners. 4th Congressional District candidate Shira Goodman is the former Director of Cease Fire Pa, one of the most active anti-gun violence groups in the state.

“This is a totally preventable problem. It is, we know what to do. We know how to keep guns away from people who shouldn’t have them. We know how to use technology to make it harder for people to get those guns. We know there are certain kinds of guns people shouldn’t have.”

Montgomery County Commissioner Chair Val Arkoosh said the issue goes beyond gun violence in schools.

“In Montgomery County last year we had 47 deaths due to firearms and of those 47 deaths, 39 were suicides and eight wer homicides.”

Doctor Arkoosh also said that just like in Montgomery County, suicides account for more than 75-percent of gun deaths nationwide.