Stipend Increase in Play to Attract More Firefighters

Lansdale officials want to help the Fairmount Fire Company recruit new members.

The volunteer organization currently offers its firefighters a five dollar stipend for every alarm that brings the member out after 130 calls have been answered during the course of a year. Council Member Jason Van Dame says discussions are underway with the fire company about how best the Borough could supplement the incentive.

“They came to us for a stipend program that would kind of mirror what they currently do. They currently pay five dollars a call for their members once they meet their required calls. They asked us to add 30 dollars, we’re coming back with a recommendation to add 15 dollars with a cap for this year not to exceed 50,000.”

The State allows the Borough to provide firefighters with property tax relief or an earned income tax credit but the fire company says that wouldn’t benefit all of its members because some of them live outside of Lansdale.