Miller Sentenced For Accidental Shooting of Pregnant Wife

It was March 7th of 2014 when now former Pa. State Trooper Joseph Miller was cleaning his gun at his one-time home on the 3000 block of Stoney Creek Road in East Norriton.

Miller’s gun discharged during the cleaning process, the bullet killed his pregnant wife 34 year old wife, Joanna and her unborn child. Miller, 37 years old, entered a guilty plea to two counts of involuntary manslaughter. In Montgomery County Court on Tuesday Miller was sentenced to three to 23 months behind bars. Judge Steven O’Neill called the shooting a tragedy of the highest order. According to Miller’s attorney, some members of Joanna’s family asked the Judge for probation for Miller so he can attend to his tow other children who have already suffered emotional trauma with the loss of their mother. Judge O’Neill, in sentencing Miller, said a message must be sent to the community at-large that in a incident like this jail time is necessary. Miller will be permitted to take part in work release. He’s been ordered to report to jail on March 26th.