Proposed Tariffs Could Hurt Local Distributors

President Trump’s proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum on foreign producers has caused some concern locally.

Tom Corrado is V.P. of sales at Eastern State Steel in Norristown. The company imports products for sale to home contractors and other companies.

“What they should do in my opinion is everybody sit down at a table both sides in different countries and come up with an idea, because 25 percent, 10 percent, they’re big numbers>

Corrado adds, a change happened since the President started the conversation about tariffs.

“Prices were being raised, caused the foreign people wouldn’t ship anything in because they were afraid they would have to pay a tariff for it.”

Corrado says, local distributors will be ok if the President excludes Canada and Mexico from tariffs, if not, he says they’ll have to pass the cost to customers