Fitzpatrick Will Run For Second Term

Bucks County Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick is running for another term in what will now be the 1st district.

Fitzpatrick says there’s a lot that needs to be done, and he adds, improving civility is a priority.

“The way that we talk to each other has to change and that’s everywhere from the White House to the kitchen table. We need to get back to more civil debate on issues.”

Fitzpatrick, who has received criticism for not supporting some of President Trump’s initiatives, says his job is to focus on policies.

“I’m not here to focus on personalities. If a policy is being advanced, I don’t care who is advancing it, if it’s good for the people of Bucks and Montgomery Counties I’ll support it and if it’s not, I will oppose it.”

Fitzpatrick says, if he’s elected to another term, he will work to pass a measure on term limits for elected officials. He was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Thursday